Insane Ideas That Actually Worked Out PERFECTLY


Have you ever had a brilliant idea that you’ve been convinced could change the world one day? Maybe you’ve thought up a new way to improve running water in different countries, or you think you’ve found a cure for a mysterious disease, or perhaps you’ve even figured out a whole new mode of transport. Whatever it is, we here at TheHub think you should definitely go for it. And our reason why? Today, we’re showing you 10 of the most insane ideas in the world that have gone on to change the way we do things in everyday life.

For starters, we’ll be showing you exactly what vets decided to do after a pair of dolphins swallowed too much garbage in the ocean. We’ll be explaining some neat tricks, like how doctors back in the day used to heal people before stitches were invented, and how a few European countries solved a huge problem just by holding hands and singing. You’ll be learning about how people in India scared off Bengal tigers, and what a Californian company did when their lake started producing weird chemicals.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ll also tell you what a small, Italian village did in order to get some sunshine in their area during the winter months, and the reason why Silly String has started to be almost mass produced for a very weird reason.