Insane Drinking Laws In America


Alcohol and the laws surrounding it have evolved so much since Prohibition. Back then, anything and everything about alcohol was blacklisted and the idea of being drunk seemed to be nothing short of being possessed by the devil. That was, of course, believed by anyone who never had a drink to loosen up. Alcohol now, almost works like medicine after we’ve had that horrendous week at work. Sometimes getting wasted and starting over again after a hangover and a crazy night dancing is the only true remedy to shake brain exhaustion off. It’s the best way, sometimes to erase bad experiences from your memory. Not to say that it makes dancing and conversation seem to come waaaay more easily then it is without getting tanked. Booze is fun, and fun is booze.

Probably many of us would like to find a way to function on a constant buzz but some rules for alcohol are just so weird it’s pretty astounding to see what regions and areas crack down on how you handle your liquor. Some laws are indicative of some of the crazy things people have tried while totally blasted.

Hitting on a Bartender

• Watch what you say

• To that hot bartender in Nebraska

• Annoying wait staff is considered to be

• a “Disturbance”

• Now that’s a disturbing law!

Horseback Riding Drunk

• It’s happened before

• a man Armed with a gun

• Rode a horse while totally wasted

• It’s the same as a DUI!

Warm Beer

• In Oklahoma

• Beer with alcohol content

• Over 3.2% by weight

• Must be served at room temperature

• Gross!

Public Intoxication

• In Nevada

• You can get As drunk as you want in public

• Public intoxication is perfectly legal

• Just don’t pass out in the street!

Happy Hour

• In Massachusetts

• You can’t look forward to getting happy

• At a happy hour

• It’s illegal for bars to have them!