Innocent Looking Celebs Who Got Seriously Exposed


It seems like 2017 was a year unparalleled when it came to shocking celebrity scandals. 2016 was such an innocent year, when we could believe that the worst thing Ben Affleck had ever done was ruin one of our favorite DC characters. Sure, some celebrities like to present a wholesome image, but there is a whole other side to their lives that you had no idea about until now. Some, like Matt Lauer, were immediately fired from their jobs, much to everyone’s relief. Others, like Danny Masterson, almost escaped consequence free until the court of public opinion determined they were guilty, forcing Netflix to act. Gigi Hadid posted a video that many people considered racially insensitive, and then coincidentally cancelled her appearance in a huge fashion show in Shanghai. Even one of our favorite chefs, Mario Batali, is having his products pulled off shelves because of the horrifying way he conducted himself with some of his employees.