Incredible People Who Smashed World Records


Each and every day, there’s a record being broken by someone around the globe. Considering there is an abundance of records that still stand from those who achieved such great feats in the past, the tradition of breaking and recording records is something that we will always carry forward.

For every record broken, there are a number of people that have tried and failed. Some records become an obsession, which can be dangerous if the original record-holder put his or her life on the line. Some records are held by those that are naturally gifted, like those people owning unique body parts or strange talents. Others become internet sensations that can replicate the work of high-class athletes, even if they’re just an average Joe. There are also those that have either collected or purchased something ridiculous, just for the sole purpose of making a headline or cancelling out the previous record.

Here are a few records that were broken in 2015:

Buffalo man Jeffrey Warrick is the “World Pushup Champion King,” performing 175 pushups in 60 seconds.

The youngest person to be cryogenically frozen was two-year-old Matheryn Naovaratpong from Thailand.

According to Forbes, Robert Downey Jr. is Hollywood’s highest grossing actor, having made $80 million between June 2014-2015.

Salt Lake Comic Con broke the record for most people dressed as comic book characters, which included 1,784 participants.

Li Longlong beat his own record of the most consecutive stairs climbed on the head on a Guinness World’s Record TV Show, improving to 36 from 34.

China’s Wang Han became the youngest billionaire, acquiring $1.3 billion at age 27 by acquiring a percentage from his deceased father’s airline company.

The largest fossilized poop collection belongs to Florida man George Frandsen, who unveiled 1,277 individual pieces at the South Florida Museum.