Incredible Former WWE Stars Where Are They Now Stories


Much like any other sport, athletes in the WWE retire at an early age. The physical toll on their bodies is significant, leading to shorter careers in the ring. This isn’t to say that these wrestlers just stop working; quite the contrary, many of them seem to find great success outside of the squared circle. What are some of these wrestling personalities actually up to today? The following are some incredible “where are they now?” stories about previous WWE stars.

Scotty 2 Hotty: The master of “The Worm” and member of the popular dancing tag team Too Cool, Scotty 2 Hotty is helping out his community by joining the local firefighters.

Jonathan Coachman: Johnathan Coachman no longer has to worry about getting chastised by The Rock, instead finding greener pastures with ESPN. With his own NFL radio show as well as numerous gigs with the sporting giant, the Coach seems to be in good hands.

Lita: Lita was always the rocker chick, separating herself from other cookie-cutter Divas with her in-your-face attitude and unmatched charisma and fiery beauty. She translated that into a music career, forming the band “The Luchagors”.

Bill Goldberg: No one dared to step into Goldberg’s way as the massive superstar speared and jackhammered his way into wrestling history. He now has his own podcast entitled “Who’s Next with Bill Goldberg”.

Trish Stratus: One of the most successful Divas of all time, the stunning Trish Stratus found great success outside of the ring by starting her own yoga studio, Stratusphere.

DDP: Self-High-Five! Diamond Dallas Page has helped many wrestlers with their injuries through his motivating and inspirational DDP yoga program.

Edge: Wrestlers know a thing or two about acting. Just ask former WWE Champion Edge, who is now a TV actor with multiple guest star appearances.