How To Quit Your Job In Style


When all your attempts to make a great impression on your boss have gone unnoticed, you may be thinking of ways to make a different kind of impression… more specifically, the kind that says “F**K IT!” After all, if they didn’t notice your hard work and effort while you were a loyal and dedicated employee, you sure as heck want them to remember you as you walk out the door. There is no doubt that that any of these bosses will forget the day their epic ex-employees told them exactly what they think of their job!

Doug Walker

Doug’s summer job working night shift at a car factory wasn’t for him

He went on to be known as the Nostalgia Critic

He made his grand exit to the Queen lyrics:

“Just got to get out, just got to get right out of here!”

Phil Sipka

Steve Harvey helped Phil quit his job right

The barbershop troupe backed him up in harmony

Sipka did open his own café called Kusanya, Swahili for “to gather”

Joey DeFrancesco

Joey brought along his marching band

He wanted to call attention to the sub-par working conditions of the hotel chain he worked at

He continues his to boycott them today

Marina Shifrin

Marina put together a dance routine set to Kanye West’s Gone

Her resignation video went viral

Her boss humorously replied in a video letting everyone know…”We’re hiring”

Charlo Greene

Charlo is an owner of the Alaskan Cannabis Club

She rallies for the legalization of marijuana

As a reporter on live TV, Charlo simply says “F**k it”