How To Fail In Freerunning


Parkour, or free running, isn't for everyone! The tracers, or traceurs, as they are called in French, those who perform the sport, do not see obstacles, but only paths. This intense style of gymnastic movement, based on never-ending flow between obstacles, includes jumping, rolling, scaling, and otherwise surmounting any form of obstacle or wall that comes to be in the way of the athlete. But sometimes, particularly for those who are just starting, or maybe ill-balanced, there will be lessons learned the hard way - for instance, how not to take a tumble or fall, or how not to take risks that are impossible. Yes, there have been some documented casualties and the sport is considered very dangerous. But here we examine the not-so-serious forms of injury, the sort that bruises the ego moreso than the body, in a video illustrating 'how to fail in free running'.