How To Eat Right For Your Body Shape


Have you ever tried a diet with a friend and they totally lost all the weight, and your scale didn’t budge? That could have something to do with the way your body is shaped. Someone with an apple shaped body shouldn’t eat the same way someone with an hourglass figure does. Want to know why? Then watch our video: How To Eat Right For Your Body Shape.

Our bodies come in different shapes and sizes, and because of that, no diet is a one-size fits all success. We are going to show you what foods to avoid and which foods to embrace when trying to eat for your body shape. We will also break down your meals according to your bone structure and frame size. You’ll be surprised to learn how your body carries weight, and what to avoid if you want to lose some pounds.

Whether you are an inverted triangle shaped babe, or you’re rocking a pear-shaped bod, stick around, because we are breaking down your diet and giving you health tips! Once you are done, don’t forget to subscribe to “TheTalko!”