How To Avoid Eating Like A Jerk Around The World


As a child, there are many ways to annoy the people around you. With older age comes more awareness and respect, yet some people can't let go of their past.

One of the many things that can annoy someone is when a child eats with their mouth open or chews loudly. Over time, the kid will develop better eating habits, and will be less annoying around others. They may not drool anymore, spit their food out or make a giant mess.

However, not everyone grows up. This isn't the case for some of the world's most annoying eaters, who still find a way to traumatize those around them by possessing the most disgusting food habits known to mankind. Whether or not people realize it, eating is something that should be done silently in public, without drawing too much attention to yourself. Some habits, though, can't be ignored, and sometimes you have to confront the person and give them an earful based on their mouthful. This doesn't apply to everyone, yet some people just need to be taught how to eat discreetly without grossing out everyone around them. But it's not the same for every country, either. Some places operate differently. Here are some eating practices around the world that usually drive people up the wall:

Smashing Potatoes

Don't cut potatoes with a knife if you're in Germany

smash them with a fork instead

Eating Tacos

Only a fool would eat tacos with a fork and a knife

It's okay to use your hands which will be less messy anyway

Table Manners

You'll be scolded in Spain if you run off after your meal

Spaniards like to sit at the table to digest and talk for a bit


Ethiopians usually feed food to each other with their hands

Which is said to build bonds of trust

Hands On The Table

Never place your hands on your laps before eating in Europe

Europeans place their wrists on the table instead

Waiting For Seconds

It's extremely rude to take a second portion of food in Chile

Wait for your host to offer it to you first

Accepting Dishes

Accepting a dish served with only one hand in Korea

Will get you in trouble

Wait until the server has both hands on the job