Hottest Women CM Punk Has Hooked Up With


CM Punk is one of the luckiest men ever. Not only is he one of the beloved wrestlers to ever set foot in the ring, but he has also hooked up with some of the most beautiful women to ever associate themselves with the world of wrestling. While he has since retired from the WWE, most recently he has been signed to a multi-fight contract with the UFC.

While now happily married, CM Punk was not always a one-lady-wrestler. Especially in his early days, before he entered the WWE, CM Punk was known as something of a womanizer. While CM Punk rarely kisses and tells, he has been linked to a lot of beautiful women who he has wrestled with.

Sure CM Punk has settled down, but that doesn’t make this list any less tantalizing. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest women that CM Punk has hooked up with!