Homeless People Who Won The Lottery


When we think of people who are lucky, the homeless usually don’t cross our minds. But just like everyone else, they enjoy indulging in an occasional scratch ticket or Powerball selection, and sometimes they actually win! We are used to seeing grand prize winners taking home millions of dollars, but some of these stories will illustrate how little money is needed to completely change someone’s life. Glenn Williams didn’t even win himself, but benefitted from a woman named Sofia Andrade who won $200 on a scratch ticket. When she realized that Glenn had nowhere to sleep on a freezing cold night, she believed she had won for a reason, and used the money to put him up in a hotel. Michael Engfors had been homeless for six years after a bitter divorce and the failure of his business. Now with $50,000 in his pocket, he looks forward to connecting with his daughter and investing in a nice pair of skis! Crystal Nelson was living in a truck and carrying newspapers for a living when she won $50,000 on Powerball, enabling her to get off the streets and into her own apartment. Steve Borik was thrilled when he won big, but was unable to cash in his ticket because he didn’t have proper identification! Luckily, after a long and frustrating ordeal, he was able to get off the streets and claim his rightful Keno prize. One man known simply as Eric was the target of a viral video prank that ended with a very real $1,000 in Eric’s pocket. Although the video was controversial, it resulted in Eric getting an additional $40,000 in donations and allowed him to rent a home.