Hollywood's Sexiest Homewreckers


Hollywood marriages aren’t made to last. Stars work crazy schedules, travel all over the world for shoots, and meet so many people. Add to that frequent lavish parties, the million and one sexy people that surround them and a lot of money, and you get infidelity. A drunken slip-up here, getting caught up in the moment there, late night sexting just because, it happens all the time. So when the marriage of a Hollywood star makes it to the golden years there’s a lot to celebrate.

But that’s not what we’re doing here. We’re looking at marriages that fell apart, and the hot homewreckers responsible for the breakups. The sexy Other Women at the heart of Hollywood divorce scandals. Just remember though, even if the five famous names you see in bold video are the highlights of our post, it’s because they’re more attractive than the men whose hearts (among other body parts) they stole. Not because they’re at greater fault; we all know it takes two to tango. Sure, Miranda Lambert stole Blake Shelton from another woman, but Shelton was far from innocent throughout the ordeal. He left willingly, and Miranda cannot be to blame for his broken marriage.

Alicia Keys

• Keys broke up Swizz Beatz and Mashonda’s marriage

• Right after winning her Grammy

• Beats and Keys denied it but later got married

• and now have kids together

Miranda Lambert

• Lambert has been accused of sleeping with five different men

• All during her marriage to Blake Shelton

• This is the same guy

• who broke his marriage to marry Lambert

Brittany Kerr

• Brittany Kerr snagged Jason Aldean

• away from his High school sweetheart

• who Aldean has kids with

• Kerr and Aldean now plan on kids of their own

Carla Bruni

• Bruni once lured Mick Jagger away from his wife

• Who he regularly cheated on

• She’s now married to French ex-President Nicholas Sarkozy.

Britney Spears

• Spears was secretly dating Keven Federline

• while he was with his baby mama

• Britney and Kevin later married and had kids of their own