Hidden Things You NEVER Noticed In Your Favorite Disney Films


Disney has taken over the world. Well, if we’re being honest, this American company has pretty much owned the market on entertainment for the past several decades. Yet, it’s only really been in the last couple decades that the Mouse has tightened its grip on what we watch. In addition to all those classic animated films, Disney owns Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm – the source for the now-yearly cash-cow we all know as Starwars. Yet, despite the deluge of movies and storylines, the quality and entertainment value remains high. In fact, writers and directors of nearly every Disney film even have time to sneak in messages and acknowledgements to other films and influences. Blink, and you will likely miss these hidden gems. Whether deliberate Easter Eggs or just fun additions, let’s see how many of these hidden items you were able to find on your first few viewings.