Hidden Secrets Police Officers Don't Want You To Know


Most of us have a natural response of feeling guilty if a police officer comes near. Even if we know we’re completely innocent and are simply walking down the street, the sense of guilt we feel is common. It’s likely that the police officer won’t have even noticed you, and will be on their way to deal with some important issues, but we’re all convinced we’ll be pulled over until they’re off on their way. But maybe you would feel better about walking past a police officer if you knew some secrets about them. Today, we’ve put together a list of 10 secrets that police officers don’t want you to find out.

So, what’re we showing you today? We’ve got some strange stories ranging from the reason as to why police officers in Thailand sometimes wear a Hello Kitty armband to some fun facts about the police force in Iceland and their own special way of enforcing the law. We’ll also be telling you about things like the controversial Blue Code of Silence, the logic behind the teddy bear you might come across in Dutch police cars, and some interesting number codes that you may or may not heard over a walkie talkie system.

And lastly, we’ll be clearing up some common myths for you, surrounding whether or not police officers have quotas to fill when it comes to giving out fines, and the frustrating truth behind police officers who are too intelligent for the job.