Hidden Secrets Behind Magic Tricks Finally Revealed


No matter how old you are, you can probably still appreciate a good magic trick. Whether you prefer cards, illusions or something else entirely, magic is one of those few things that can always capture the attention of a crowd of people. And the main reason for this? Magic is always so difficult to explain. Have you ever wondered just how magicians perform such outrageous tricks? Maybe you do believe in magic, or maybe you’re more cynical and are simply intrigued to find out the answers behind some of your favourite tricks. If you’re the second type of person, then this video is for you. Even if you’re the first type, you’ll still enjoy finding out some of the hard work that goes into the displays of magic.

So, what will we be showing you today? We’ve got the answers to some of the world’s most impressive magic tricks, featuring world-class magicians like Dynamo, David Blaine, Houdini and David Copperfield. We’ll be telling you the secrets behind tricks like Dynamo’s iPhone into a bottle magic, and how he managed to levitate on a bus. We’ll show you how Criss Angel appeared to walk between buildings in the air, and how Copperfield somehow made the Statue of Liberty disappear. As well as this, we’ll explain the science behind Houdini’s vanishing elephant trick, Blaine’s vanishing card trick, and exactly how you can cut a dollar bill in half and put it perfectly back together again afterwards.