Hidden Locations On Earth That Have Yet To Be Fully Explored


Our planet is a pretty awesome and remarkable place. There’s a lot we know about and even more we are still trying to find answers to. In fact, despite spending the last several hundred years actively exploring Earth, there are still large areas that we know little or nothing about. We’ve got some of these locations here for you to learn about today. There’s Mount Bosavi, a massive volcanic crater in Papua New Guinea that is jam packed full of new species that we only know the basics about. We all know where Greenland is but other than the shoreline, there’s apparently still a lot we don’t know about this massive island of rock and ice. In far warmer Brazil, a large section of the country known as Vale do Javari is pretty much off limits and reserved solely for isolated tribes. This means outside researchers know very little of what goes on here. Heading as far south as we can, we’ll reach Lake Vostok, a massive body of water buried thousands of feet below the ice of Antarctica. Speaking of deep, there’s always Challenger Deep, the deepest known point on earth located in the Pacific Ocean. Back in South America we’ll show you the massive sinkholes which have their own ecosystem in Venezuela. In the land down under, an unexplored tropical forest in the north of Australia is really capturing the imagination of some explorers. Not too far away in the Philippines, researchers stumbled across a mysterious area in the Palawan Highlands where new species, including a meat-eating plant, exist. In Southern Africa, we’ll try and access the Namib Desert, one of the oldest and largely unexplored stretches of land in the world. Finally, we’ll stop off in the vast expanse of Russia where places like Kamchatka remain wild, untamed and largely unexplored. Be sure to pack light because that’s a lot of walking.