Henry Danger Before And After


Nickelodeon’s hit show “Henry Danger” has been on air for more than 3 years now. At first, you might not think this is a long time, but if you compare some of the cast from then to now you’ll see how much of a difference 3 years can make! Today we are showing you “Henry Danger” Before and After”.

Jace Norman was only 14 when he was introduced to us as Henry Hart aka Kid Danger. We followed him through his awkward teen years, but today, he looks like a whole new person. Jace is now a young adult and still has his whole acting career ahead of him. With now more than 2 million followers on Instagram, we’re predicting that you’ll be seeing a lot of him in the coming years.

Sean Ryan Fox, known in “Henry Danger” as Justin Dunlop, really has grown up before our eyes. If you compare Sean in the early years of the show to now, he is almost unrecognizable! Only twelve years old when he started, Sean has traded in his unruly, curly hair for a more mature, relaxed look. You’ll definitely want to keep your eyes on him over the next couple years to see just how much more he changes!

In addition to Jace and Sean, we’ll be showing you the transformations of Ella Anderson, Riele Downs, and Cooper Barnes! Keep watching to hear more about how they’ve changed from the beginning of their career to now. Some of these transformation pictures may shock you! Are there any of Nickelodeon characters who you’ve noticed have changed a lot over the course of their TV series? Let us know in the comments. We love hearing from you!