Harmless Looking Fruit That Are Actually Poisonous


By nature, we are designed to survive regardless of our circumstances. If we found ourselves hungry in the woods, we'd naturally want something to eat. In this day and age, that usually means grabbing some trail mix or a protein bar from our backpack. But in the days before agriculture and modern society, we had to depend on nature to provide us with food. Through experience and stories, we knew what was good to eat and what wasn’t. Today, because we get our food from the supermarket, most of us have lost the ability of knowing what is safe to eat and what isn’t. Unfortunately, the most poisonous fruits out there may look completely harmless. This is usually why so many people lose their lives from ingesting something that they thought was an apple. Until this information becomes common knowledge, remember to be vigilant and do your research before eating anything that you're not familiar with.