Great Ways To Boost Testosterone


A big factor in a male’s sex drive is the level of testosterone in his body. This level can fluctuate and of course, things like diet and exercise help increase these levels. Testosterone is a hormone that directly affects libido. Testosterone is a growth hormone and is needed to help with repairs in the body and it’s healthy to keep up the amount of it in your body in consistent levels. Healthy levels of testosterone help with preventing balding, keeps up good complexion, keeps the libido up and helps with bone health. Maybe not enough men think to regulate the amount in their body- perhaps because they don’t know how. Testosterone to men is like estrogen to women and there needs to be more education on what they need to do to be more mindful of what’s going on with this aspect of their health. Maintaining good testosterone levels has a direct effect on the physical health, even cosmetic appearance is maintained right.

So let’s take a look at some obvious and easy ways men can maintain a healthy level of testosterone. It’s a different way to think of taking care of yourself and its important to understand what different chemicals do for us. Low testosterone levels can cause reduced interest in sex, weakened muscles and more.

Eat Arugula

• Eat your greens, especially Arugula

• studies have shown

• Arugula increases virility

Get Enough Sleep

• The number one way

• to keep testosterone levels healthy

• is to get consistent good sleep

Control Stress

• Stress releases chemicals into our body

• that interfere with testosterone levels

• So controlling stress

• controls testosterone

Don’t drink so much

• Men who drink every day for three weeks

• experience a 7% decrease in testosterone

Fit but Fat

• working out increases Testosterone

• but cutting all fat decreases will decrease it

• Stay fit but don’t eliminate fat