Google's Freaky Recognition Program


The search engine kings have developed all new face detection software that’s looking to transform photos and online activity all over the world.

The new software is set to make photo taking a thousand times easier, as photos snapped with this technological advancement mean pictures can be captured with a smile, meaning those frowning or mid-sentence snaps are soon to be a thing of the past.

Face Detection also looks like it’s spelling big things when it comes to transforming the gaming world, which gets users closer to the game than ever before and even saves precious space which was previously taken up by boxy controllers.

Here’s everything you need to know about Google’s Vision, from how (and why!) it detects your face to the ins and outs of facial recognition:

What is Google Face Recognition?

Google’s Mobile Vision API is a new app that detects objects and faces

The program detects and analyzes facial features and expressions

You can use your facial features as a controller for other programs!

How Does It Detect Your Face?

API uses recognizable parts of the face called ‘landmarks’

Those landmarks become coordinates that map the human face

You can then do almost anything, like add silly hats or moustaches to photos of your friends!

Will It Remember Your Face?

No one likes to think a computer is remembering and recognizing their face

Google claims that the Vision API is only a detection service

This means it will only detect your face instead of recognizing it

How Well Does It Work?

Other software rarely recognizes faces that are blinking or looking away

Googles Vision actually recognizes winking, smiling and other facial expressions

You don’t even have to fully face the camera!

What Can It Be Used For?

Vision allows your face to become a controller

That means you can search Google with a wink of any eye

You can even play games using your face!