Girlfriends Who Shockingly Deceived Their Partners


Sometimes people aren’t always what they seem, and it could take

years to figure out you have been duped by your partner! From a

cross dressing man with 11 boyfriends, to a woman hiding a

shocking medical condition, these are girlfriends who shockingly

deceived their partners!

Miao Songtao was able to keep up a lifestyle that involved having 11

boyfriends. The only problem is, Miao Songtao was actually a cross

dressing man posing as a female to extort money from the boyfriends.

Songtao would meet men online under the alias “Miao Xiaomin”, and

start relationships with them where he received cash and gifts. He

even managed to marry one of his boyfriends, and almost marry another.

But, Songtao’s charade finally came to light when one of the men’s

family reported Xiaomin to local authorities for tricking him out of

nearly $3,000. When police showed up to Xiamon’s home, they found

Songtao instead, along with various wigs and women’s clothing.

When a hot guy strolled into Tina Kilborn’s small town of Kodiak

Island, Alaska, Kilborn was awestruck. So much so that when he began

speaking to her, she was at a loss for words. She then proceeded to

use sign language to let the guy know she was deaf. But, that isn’t

the case at all, Kilborn can hear perfectly fine. Over the next 9

months she convinced her boyfriend that she couldn’t hear, and even

got family and co-workers in on the lie. The couple finally broke up

when Kilborn’s boyfriend went away for a fishing trip, and she never

revealed the truth to him.

When Terri Aspin was 6 years old, she had surgery to remove her pinky

toe on her left foot. But, as she grew into adulthood, her foot never

quite recovered from the surgery. By the time she was 16 she met and

fell in love with her boyfriend, but he never saw her feet. The now 19

year old didn’t even show her boyfriend her foot until 2 years into

the relationship when it was revealed she was suffering from a tumor.

The tumor had gotten so bad that she couldn’t walk anymore and was

even let go from her waitressing job. Luckily, Aspin’s 22-year- old

boyfriend isn’t deterred by his girlfriend’s unsightly tumor, and is

fully supportive of her getting surgery to remove it.