Germs And Bacteria Love These Gross Hot Spots


Look out- the germ-iest place isn’t your toilet. Believe it or not, because the toilet is thought of as the most disgusting place in your house, it probably gets cleaned the most, and you’d be shocked to know what places are filled with more bacteria than your bathroom. Some of the scariest germs can be found in and on us – it’s frightening to know what bacteria crawls on our skin and inhabits our mouths, eyes and fingernail beds. We all know bacteria grows in damp places so let’s remind ourselves of where some of these damp places are. It’s not very inspiring to know that these emblems of dirtiness are inevitable and practically everywhere even in our best efforts to be squeaky clean.

We live and breathe in these things so you can shower away – it will be to no avail… there’s no such thing as being germ free. Carry that hand sanitizer but they will keep coming back. Here’s a reminder of where these buggers thrive. Don’t get discouraged though – they’ve always been around and let’s admit – we never want to think about how germ infested we really are, but here are some places you can be mindful about when you want to make that futile effort to avoid them…

• Most gyms use the same hamper

• For both clean and dirty towels

• The same towels you are using

• For both machines and your face

• Gross!

• Compared to a toilet seat

• Your phone has 10 times more bacteria on it

• And you don’t put your face

• On the toilet

• It’s scary to know

• Germs like E. Coli

• Can be on our hands all day

• all it would take for a serious infection

• Is your skin breaking

• We eat, we drink

• without stopping to think

• that our cars are crawling with invisible bugs

• We should be cleaning much, much more

• laces soak up so many germs

• from public washroom splashback

• to dirty street grime

• and even worse things (we can throw in an image of dog do)

• let that settle in

• next time you stoop to tie those laces