Futuristic Shoes You Never Heard Of


Some of us view shoe shopping as a necessity, while others take great delight in the process. No matter your attitude towards shoes in general, it’s difficult not to get excited when you see these incredible futuristic shoes. Some of them are still in the prototype stage, but others are fully available for purchase-if you can afford them, that is. If you are looking for a fantastic pair of heels that you can wear for a night out on the town, and provide quite a jolt should things go amiss, check out the Electric Cinderella. When you think of futuristic shoes, you might picture the Nike Mag, which premiered in Back to the Future II, but Nike has actually improved on that design and created the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, which can actually tie your laces for you! Love running? You’ll want to buy a pair of the Enko Suspension shoes, which utilize springs and cushioning to reduce the damage running can cause to your joints, as well as give you an extra boost. If you’re prone to getting lost, Lechal Haptic Footwear can gently guide you to your destination using haptic technology. Adidas Megalizer shoes will allow you to create music with your feet, and Shift Sneakers all you to change the color of your shoes with the click of a button. Video game controllers can be cumbersome, but the Lenovo Smart Shoes allow you to control mobile games just by clicking your heels.