Funny Zoo Animals Messing With People


Going to the zoo is great fun for kids, especially when the animals mess around with them! Imagine you're spending life in an exhibit, with hundreds of people coming by to look at you. You're obviously going to want to make a bit of fun for yourself. The zoo trainers know this, and the way they interact with the animals can be at once heartwarming and funny, as the connection they build between each other establishes a trust between man and best. But it's different when people come to see the animal kingdom up close. Captivity means there's a boundary between the creatures being observed and the interested children, and this barrier is not always apparent to the animal. That's when we get funny moments like the lion who tried to take the child in its mouth, but is stopped by the thick plates of glass. Is the lion trying to carry the child off like a cub, or is it really interested in an afternoon snack? There's no way to know for sure, but it sure seems like these funny zoo animals are messing with people!