Funny People Caught Sleeping On The Job


These burn-outs got caught sleeping on the job! In some cultures, falling asleep at work can be a sign of a hard-worker, and it's accepted. But in others, it's considered a sin in the workplace, and can have some serious consequences. It's perceived as lazy and careless, shying away from responsibilities, and ultimately not doing one's job to the best of their ability. When your job is so tough and demanding that you end up burnt out and have to doze off in your chair, catching some sweet sleep time, you've got to do your best to hide this fact, possibly drawing open eyes on your eyelids, or hiding in a broom closet or under your desk. Getting caught asleep by the boss is a sure way to get fired, and when people catch themselves waking up in a fright, afraid to lose their job, it can be quite funny. Check out these Funny People Caught Sleeping On The Job!