Famous YouTubers Who Look Exactly Like Cartoon Characters


Cartoon characters are created to look like they don’t belong to the real world. Part of creating that fantasy-like world is making the people who inhabit it look out of this world. When we see cartoons, we’re not supposed to compare them to ourselves. The way cartoons are made might have them possess unrealistic body and face proportions, they can have stuff fall on them and they won’t get hurt, and they can do incredible things that would defy the laws of physics here in the real world. And yet, we can’t help but compare ourselves to cartoon characters. We always want to have our muscles bigger, waists smaller, noses tinier, and more. We can live vicariously through cartoon characters and not even consider that we might have similar looking people in real life. Well, we do, and they all seem to be stars on YouTube. Maybe it’s because we see their faces so regularly that we can actually compare them to elements of fantasy.

In this video, we’re going to explore famous YouTubers who look exactly like cartoon characters. For some, the resemblance is so uncanny that you have to wonder who came first! For example, Logan Paul looks a lot like Kristoff from Frozen, and Lance Stewart looks like a twin of Randall from “Recess.” Well, if it’s a newer cartoon, obviously the YouTuber came around first. But you can imagine that some animators and Hollywood producers might have gained some inspiration from these vloggers and just went with it!