Famous Internet Memes And What They Look Like Today


While we may recognize some of our favorite memes immediately, most of us don’t take the time to think about the real people behind them. We’re obsessed with the origin stories of our favorite superheroes, but we don’t spare a second thought for how these memes got started. In addition to giving you a bit of backstory, we’ll also give you an update about what the people from your favorite memes are doing now. Were you one of the people taken in by Jeremy Meek’s beautiful blue eyes when you saw his mugshot? Turns out that you’re not the only one who was swayed by his good looks. The Ermahgerd girl is famous for her apparent excitement about Goosebump books, but as an adult she’s settled into an extremely respectable career. If you were concerned about the Villanova Crying Piccolo Girl, don’t worry, post graduation she’s much happier than the first time you saw her. Success Kid may be absolutely adorable, but in real life, his success was major and could well have saved the life of his father. Bad Luck Brian didn’t end up having bad luck in real life, and it turns out his name isn’t even Brian! If you were wondering if Disaster Girl had gone on to become a crazed pyromaniac, we’re here to put your mind at ease. You might be used to staring into the frantic eyes of Overly Attached Girlfriend, but she looks much less frightening now that she’s settled into her YouTube career.