Expensive Discoveries Found During Home Renovations


Home renovations can be tiresome and time-consuming, not to mention expensive. But for some fortunate homeowners, they ended up being treasure troves! From one-of-a-kind artwork, to cold hard cash, we’ll show you some of the most expensive items ever found during home renovations. Two brothers were renovating their inherited house when they discovered that their father had left a Norman Rockwell painting behind a fake wall. When it was sold at auction, it shattered the record for most expensive Rockwell painting sold! A contractor dug up a dirty old jug while going through a basement, and didn’t bother to look inside for eight years. When he found it was filled with incredibly rare coins, we bet he wished that he had checked sooner! While scraping plaster off of his kitchen wall, one man found an ancient Mayan mural of immeasurable value! You may be familiar with Action Comic #1 since it’s the first appearance of the man of steel, but one homeowner was quite surprised to find it in a garage wall. Especially since it was worth many times over what he paid for his whole house! There are also a surprising number of homeowners and contractors who stumbled upon stacks of cash while making renovations. There’s also the plumber who found a solid gold brick while taking apart a bathroom for his client-who was sorely missing his gold bar that he’d somehow misplaced! One lucky homeowner found that the previous owner had used a rather unusual form of insulation: rare vintage movie posters worth tens of thousands of dollars!