Eating Too Much Too Fast


They say don't bite off more than you can chew, unless you're in a heated eating contest! The object of such a contest is either to eat more of some type of food than the competitors, or to do so in the least time possible. It takes practise, some might even say skill, learning to open the jaw wider, strengthen the muscles used for swallowing, and stretching the stomach to accommodate greater quantities of food. Learning to do so often involved an outrageous consumption of water and foods that expand when mixed with liquid, such as bread and rice. This sort of practise will often cause the athlete in training to vomit up what they're eating, and hopefully do so more in practise than by the time they are competition ready. Depending on the sort of food eating contest, the object could be to eat a greater quantity of something easy to eat, that isn't too offensive to digestion, such as hot dogs, pie, or ice cream, or it could be to eat more of something more difficult, such as spicy jalapeno or ghost peppers. Either way, participating in an event like this comes with the embarrassing risk of spewing all over, spelling the end of weeks of training, as puking counts as a disqualification in many challenges. When it's caught on video, it's nasty, and it's hilarious. Check out these competitive eaters who ate too much too fast!