Dramatic Times Where Wrestling Got Real


Wrestling matches are commonly thought to be ‘staged’ or ‘fake’ performances.

Although it is well-known that wrestlers do have stage names and personas that they have to act out while in the ring, there have been instances where they have broken out of character.

Unscripted, unplanned occurrences during wrestling events known as ‘shoots’ have been observed on many occasions. Witnessing a real life feud unfold between two of your favorites can be quite exhilarating. Catching a commentator or announcer say something shocking or heartfelt during an event is also surprising.

Here are five dramatic times when wrestling actually got real.

Farewell to Savage

On November 7, 1994 McMahon himself delivered a public farewell to Randy Savage

He called himself the biggest fan of the Macho Man

No other wrestler has received such a public and heartfelt goodbye from the WWE

The Montreal Screwjob

The Montreal Screwjob is known to be a backstage betrayal against Bret Hart

Vince did not want Hart to leave to the WCW with the belt

The bell was called and Michaels became champion, although Hart never submitted

Ric Flair And Mick Foley’s Genuine Feud

The Flair and Foley feud became public after their autobiographies

Foley implied that Flair was inept on both the booking side of things & the wrestling side

Flair stated that Foley will always be known as a glorified stuntman

Daniel Puder Tries To Break Kurt Angle’s Arm

WWE held a special version of the Tough Enough competition in 2004

Puder chose to go off script after seeing Angle rough up the first contestant

Puder had Angle in a Kimura armbar that could have broken his arm

Blame for Owen Hart

Piper said that Russo has never been made to pay for the death of Owen Hart

He said Russo sent Hart 90 feet in the air for no reason

Piper outright asked Russo “Did you kill Owen Hart?”