Do Human-Creatues Actually Exist?


With so many internet hoaxes out there, it can be hard to tell what is real and what is fake. Let TheRichest help you separate fact from fiction as we go into detail about some images you have probably seen floating around online. There have been some truly massive babies born, but was a giant forty pound baby really delivered? Shapeshifters like werewolves are popular creatures in works of fiction, so many people were convinced that a real one had been born when they saw a certain photo and video online. Some of us may wish that we were mermaids, so when we saw a photo of a baby with a mermaid tail, we wanted to believe that it was real. While werewolves and mermaids are romanticized, not so much the Japanese kappa. Some say it looked more like an alien, but was this strange looking baby real, or a myth?