Disney Princesses Reimagined by Amazing Artists


Disney princesses are iconic. We all want to look like them. We all want to be them. And who could blame us? Disney princesses are usually extremely beautiful, intelligent, brave and unique. Who wouldn’t want to be just like them?

But what if the versions of the princesses that we grew up with are not the only versions of the princesses out there? What if there were whole new ways to see them? What if there were completely different takes on their beauty? Well, when you have a world full of talented artists, there is no end to how many different forms these princesses can take.

For instance, take artist Isabelle Staub. She is widely known on Instagram for taking Disney princesses and turning them into something extraordinary. Just take a look at how she drew Jasmine from Disney’s “Aladdin.” She used Jasmine’s natural beauty points: her eyes, her beautiful long hair, and her caramel skin, and made them look even more amazing.

She also did a portrait of Ariel that makes the young princess look even more beautiful than she did in the movie “The Little Mermaid.” Which is hard to do! Her beauty pretty much pops through the photo.

From Esmeralda to Pocahontas and more, artists around the world have been recreating Disney princesses in ways that you wouldn’t imagine. Want to see? Stay tuned to 15 Disney Princesses Reimagined by Amazing Artists. You won’t believe what Elsa from “Frozen” would look like if she had an Instagram!