Disgusting Things Girls Do But Will Never Admit To


While men may embrace their gross habits, girls like to keep their dirty business behind closed doors. But today, we’re spilling every girl’s dirty secrets!

If you’ve ever lived with a girl, you may have noticed that she kept a plunger by the side of her toilet. This is because girls are notorious for flushing everything right down the toilet and clogging it up over and over again. Instead of using the trash can, girls will discard tampons, bundles of toilet paper, Q-tips, cotton balls and maxi pad wrappers down the toilet. As soon as it gets clogged up, you should expect a girl to look clueless, shrug her shoulders and say, “I have no idea how this happened!”

Many girls will spend big bucks on cute and lacy bras, but when laundry day rolls around, a lot of girls won’t even bother to wash them. Even though some girls experience sweating underneath their boobs, they won’t even think twice about wearing the same bra for three days in a row. Many girls don’t want to run the risk of damaging their pretty bras in the washing machine, so they will hold off on cleaning them until things get really sticky and smelly.

Every girl knows the struggle of munching on some delicious food, and accidentally dropping a few bits down her shirt. Instead of tossing the food in the trash, many girls will dig through their shirts and bras for the lost food, and happily pop it back into their mouths and continue munching away. You can’t blame her for not letting good food go to waste!

Many girls have secretly experienced the horror of forgetting to remove their tampon before the recommended 8 hours. After a long night out, it’s easy for a girl to fall asleep and forget she has a tampon in when she wakes up. She won’t come to her senses until she starts to experience some pretty disgusting symptoms. One girl forgot to remove her tampon for nine days. She finally remembered it was lodged inside her, and when she pulled it out, the entire tampon was black and covered in bacteria. Gross!

Girls, are you guilty of doing any of these habits? Feel free to spill your secrets in the comment section, and don’t worry, we won’t judge you! Also, don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up!