Dark Secrets UFC Wants Forgotten


Any sport has stories that make the franchise look bad. Popular players doing drugs or beating their wives are common tales that take the inspiration away from the sport. But sometimes due to the nature of the sport the franchise can do some shady things that are embarrassing and need to be hidden. The UFC is fun to watch- it’s exciting to watch men be so passionate about their sport that they are willing to do some serious damage to themselves. The type of fighting in UFC is pretty violent- it's quite the step up from boxing. The fights can be memorable and it’s exciting- we can respect UFC right? Maybe most of the time, but let’s face it, there are things the franchise is embarrassed about; some things needed to be hidden, and some things they hope to erase from our memories.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that the UFC wants you to forget, or just didn’t want you to know about. The audience for any sport like anything else in business is a targeted market that needs to be catered to and some of these incidents have disappointed and embarrassed them.