Dangerous Things That Were Considered Normal In The Past


It’s funny looking back on how the world has developed throughout history. There are some decisions that have definitely benefited us when it comes to medical discoveries and figuring out how the world works, but there are other things we’re pretty glad don’t exist any longer. Today, we’re showing you 10 Dangerous Things That Were Considered Normal In The Past.

So, what horrors from the past are we digging up today? We’ll be showing you how parents made sure their babies got enough fresh air, even if they lived a few stories up. You’ll be learning about one supposedly neat trick parents also tried in order to save on paying train fares if their kids needed to go across states. Moving away from children, we’ll be showing you how women historically painted their faces with one chemical, and how a lot of toys were also made with another dangerous ingredient. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll be talking you through some strange medical procedures that were considered 100% normal years ago, one thing that everyone used to do on planes that’s now highly illegal, and one weight loss trick we’re certain should never make a comeback.