Bugs can be a severe hindrance to outdoor activities in the summer, but for the most part they’re merely inconvenient. But for people all over the world, some bugs can actually be quite dangerous. In this video, we’ll show you some strange and unusual bugs that you’d do well to avoid. Some, like the tarantula hawk, look almost too strange to be real, but pack an intensely powerful sting that can leave you in pain for hours. Others, like the southern flannel moth, may look rather familiar, but you’d do best not to touch one if you don’t want to spend hours writhing in pain. Breaking out in painful hives is terrible, but at least it’s not fatal like stings and bites from other insects. Some, like the tsetse fly and kissing bug, carry seriously nasty parasites that can do some real damage if you become infected. The Black Widow lets its venom speak for itself without relying on parasites to inflict a venomous punch. While many bugs are happy to live and let live, others are known for their extreme aggression, such as the Sydney funnel-webbed spider. Another bug that is definitely not more afraid of you than you are of it is the bulldog ant, that will latch on and sting and bite you at the same time. The lone star tick can cause major damage with its bite, and may even make it possible for you to no longer enjoy one of your all time favorite treats.