Dance Moms Show Cast Before And After


If you watched “Dance Moms,” you know that Abby Lee Miller made young dancers go beyond their limits. Make it or break it, the coach saw all the little mistakes these girls made but also had some favorites. This is what created a lot of drama in the reality series. But what are these girls up to now that they already faced one of the biggest challenges of their lives? Some of them became stars on their own, and others decided to lead a normal life. But to see what happened, you’ll have to watch “Dance Moms” Show Cast Before and After.

JoJo Siwa had to leave Abby Lee Dance Company when she signed a customer deal with Nickelodeon. Since that day, we had the chance to see her in many TV series. She will even have the chance to star in her own show: “Jojo Siwa: My World.” Jojo is now also a talented singer and is very active on social media. Leaving “Dance Moms” was a good decision after all.

Since the whole world got the chance to see her dance in Sia’s “Chandelier,” Maddie Ziegler is now one of the most popular dancers in the world. She had the chance to perform on many of our favorite TV shows and even won Choice Dancer at the Teen Choice Award. Mackenzie Ziegler decided to stop living in her sister’s shadow and became a singer instead. This is how she finally got the chance to be number one in America, which is something her sister hasn’t done yet.

Stay tuned to hear more about what Asia Monet Ray, Paige Hyland, Brooke Hyland, Kendall Vertes, Chloe Lukasiak, Ava Cota, and Nia Sioux are doing now. Do you know that most of these girls have their own YouTube channel? Make sure you watch our video to know who it is!