Cute Animals That Are Actually Super Dangerous


Most of the time if we see a cute animal, we’ll stop and reach down to pet it. Whether it’s a friendly neighbourhood cat or a stranger’s dog you’ve noticed on the sidewalk, it’s always a great addition to our day to get to stroke a furry creature. Usually these animals are pretty receptive to our touch, and enjoy getting petted almost as much as we enjoy the experience, but this isn’t always the case. Today, we’re showing you Cute Animals That Are Actually Super Dangerous.

So, what animals are we showing you today? We’ll be telling you all about the polar bear, and how the melting icecaps are making these furry creatures more aggressive than ever before. You’ll be learning about the giant panda and the slow loris, both of which look like they’d appreciate a good cuddle but could actually hurt you quite a lot if you get too close. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll be showing you some other suspects that you might not have assumed would make the cut to our top 10 list, including the dingo, the wolverine, beavers, frogs, swans and seals. Have we got your doubting every single animal you’ve ever known, yet?