Creepy Octopus Behavior Caught On Camera


If you’ve ever watched any underwater documentary or have been at an aquarium, you’re probably familiar with what an octopus looks like. Classified as a cephalopod mollusk, an octopus is famous for living in the sea but little did you know that those eight-legged animals can fight each other in organized groups in Australia by throwing shares at each other.

An octopus typically eats crabs, clams or worms but if he fails to find the food he needs, an octopus can actually eat one of its own “arms” which will then eventually grow back. And don’t think that this is a stupid move! An octopus is amongst one of the smartest animals in the kingdom. Some can actually view it as an animal with superpowers as it can even change the color of its skin based on the background color of its surroundings. You can bet it comes in handy when one of its few natural predators tries to it.

Here, we’ve tried to compile a list of the coolest ways an octopus can be creepy.

Eating Itself!

The disease is known as autophagy or self-eating

Researchers think this might be because of stress or boredom

An octopus can actually start doing this after touching an animal that already eats itself


You might think a coconut is too big to carry for an octopus

Surprisingly, the octopus manages to wheel itself across the seabed

The octopus manages this by wrapping himself up in the shell


In this video, an octopus snatches a camera while it’s recording

You can see the inside of its mouth as it’s swimming away

Then the octopus actually hangs on to the guy’s spear gun for a free ride!


This octopus actually escaped after being caught in a shrimp trap

Surely he’s out for revenge!

Ultimately, the octopus manages to reach the water and swim away

Organized warfare

Octopuses have started fighting in groups on the Australian shores

They’ve been observed battling each other and living in higher concentrations

They have even started fighting each other by throwing sea shells