Creepiest Creatures Found After Radioactive Disasters


Nuclear energy – there’s no doubting its potential when it comes to providing our energy needs. Using uranium, civilian nuclear reactors power much of our electricity across the globe. Yet, we also know that nuclear energy is a bit of a monster. The vast amounts of power released in a nuclear reaction comes in the form of heat and, notably, radiation. If an accident ever occurs at a power plant, then naturally everyone worries about the effects the radiation will have on the animals, the environment and ourselves. Over the course of history, there have been some notable nuclear accidents, including the meltdowns at Chernobyl and, more recently, Fukushima. Combine those with all the nuclear weapon tests and we’ve filled our planet with a lot of radioactive contamination. The end result? All of that radiation has had some rather bizarre effects on the living things on this planet. Grab your Geiger counter and come with us to see just what we mean.