Crazy Government Fights That Got Physical


If you’re human, you’ve probably had at some point in your life a disapproving feeling towards your government. Like most of us, you’ve probably repressed it, talked it over with your friends over coffee or, if you’re feeling particularly outraged, wrote a letter to your local representatives about. You might even have fired off an angry post on their Facebook page or tweeted them how annoying you think they are. Some people however made things much more physical.

Around the world, people have physically gone to protest against government officials and have had to endure the logical repression that came from the illegal, aggressive protests. Some government fights however originated not with the general population but amongst government officials themselves that didn’t manage to contain their anger with their colleagues and decided to physically show their disagreement.


As Prime Minister Yatseniuk was defending his government’s records, an opposition leader lifted the PM from between the legs and carried him away from the podium.

Other officials quickly jumped in to participate in the brawl.

Urkainian parliament is notorious for getting into fights again and again…


A scuffle ensued at the Japanese parliament over a security bill.

The bill proposed the military fight abroad for the first time in decades.

13,000 people were gathered outside to protest the session.


A scuffle broke out in the nation’s parliament after a lengthy debate.

The altercation began while discussing plans for a new road.

Security managed to maintain order but the session was cancelled.


Events turned ugly in an Indian session introducing a new bill.

The bill proposing to form a new state drove officials to anger.

MPs hurled broken glass, office items, and used pepper spray.


Venezuelan opposition disputed the narrow victory of President Maduro.

When an inflammatory banner was revealed mid session, tempers boiled over and fists began to fly.