Crazy Fish Jumping Into The Boat


We've all made bad decisions, and chances are you've regretted some immediately. It's a fisherman's dream come true! You can sit back in the boat and relax with a brew in hand, trolling the waters with your line in the wake, hoping for a nibble on lure. Normally you'd be waiting for the moment the line goes taught and the fishing rod curves in dramatic fashion, but you can forget all that, even leave the rod behind. Just set up a video camera on your fishing trip and chances are the fish will fling themselves up into your boat without any effort on your part! Now it could turn into a nightmare, like in Illinois, where the Asian Carp are so furious that people are using bow and arrows to skewer them out of the air. But be careful, if you miss, the carp have been known to hit people in the face and cause some pretty traumatic fin-slapping injuries. That's what happens when crazy fish jump into the boat!