Crazy Facts About Why Women Are Shaving Their Faces


As a woman, I was surprised to learn that other women were shaving their faces. My first question was, why?

At first, I pictured women hiding shavers to remove their secret mustaches and beards. I imagined an entire history of deceit where women shaved their faces nightly in an attempt to keep the illusion alive.

Well, it’s not that extreme, but women have been hiding this one fact for years – Shaving is not just for hair removal.

These days, shaving your face not only removes unwanted hair, but also exfoliates your skin as well as helping to remove blackheads. All of which keep you looking young!

Women everywhere are figuring out the secret many have either been too subconscious or too covetous to tell. With the help of the anonymity of the internet women around the world are sharing their secret techniques for facial cleansing and care.

Shaving your face is no longer a routine only practiced by men.

So, before you head into the salon and pay for one of those expensive facials or spray some chemicals on your skin that will no doubt do more damage than good, take a look at why shaving may be the only thing you need.

Shaving is much easier than waxing, bleaching or threading

It’s a lot cheaper and doesn’t hurt

No pulling hairs, no stinky chemicals that burn your skin

Shaving removes dead and dry skin

It scrapes away the oil and dirt to unclog your pores

Your skin can then absorb all the moisture from your face cream

Shaving increases the production of Collagen

Collagen is the protein that keeps our bodies together

More Collagen means tighter skin and less wrinkles

Heavy face scrubbing and washing can aggravate your acne breakout

Shaving removes dead skin and excessive oils

It promotes collagen production which helps heal skin and prevent acne

Shaving will make your face smooth and soft

Your softer skin will absorb moisturizer

Shaving provides a smoother and less oily surface for your makeup!