Couldn't Have Gone Any Worse!


Just when you think things can't get any worse, they do! No matter how calculated, how planned for, or how lucky a situation, there's always Murphy's law to help keep you grounded and remind you that not everything will go well 100% of the time. These epic fails are evidence of that. In most of these cases, there's no way things could have gone any worse. Which is hilarious for us as onlookers. It reminds us that for every stunt we risk performing, there are endless ways for the fun to go wrong. The wheels could go flying off your ATV as you hit a wicked jump. Swinging into a river from a rope tied to a tree could have you eating the riverbed mud. In most cases, the pain and embarrassment might have been avoided if the people in the clips thought a little before hand. Lucky for us, they were more of the 'just try it and see' kind of people! Check out these epic fails!