Cool Places Only the Bravest Dare to Visit


Our planet is full of awesome places to visit. If you want to relax, that’s not a problem. Just head to any one of the countless resorts and beautiful beaches. Like a little adventure? There are options for that which can be as easy as a zip-line tour through the forest or a more exotic safari on the African plains. Basically, whatever your level of adventure and whatever your tastes, there’s likely something, somewhere on this planet for you. Now, if we’re being honest, this planet has way too many awesome places to talk about in just one video – so let’s narrow it down. What about those tourist destinations that get the adrenaline flowing and have your knees shaking? Yup, there are lots of those and we’ve collected several of the best from all over the world. From incredible heights to spooky islands, we’ve got a little bit of everything for those of you looking to challenge your nerves.