Confused People Who Thought They Met A Celebrity


Many of us follow so much pop culture on such a regular basis that we like to think that if we saw a celebrity on the street, we’d recognize them immediately. Whether they are smaller artists of indie projects, or mega-stars of the radio, screen and cinema, we spend a lot of our free time in front of screens and devices, engaged in following the work of celebrities as well as their personal lives. Therefore, one would think that their faces should be ingrained into our memories, especially our favourite actors and actresses whose projects we prefer and keep up with on a regular basis. Unbeknownst to many of us, our memories are not as reliable as we like to believe they are going to be, which can result in some hilarious and embarrassing situations for people who believe that they have met a celebrity.

The following photographs are examples of ordinary citizens who thought that they had run into celebrities of television, music and film while going through their daily routines. Unfortunately for them, they were dead wrong. In most of these cases, the differences between the people in the photographs and their celebrity counterparts are vast and noticeable. Some of these aren’t even close! The most amusing aspect of these situations is the fact that the people who had been confused for celebrities never corrected their “fans”, and proceeded to take pictures with them anyway. Some had fun with the photos, some were taking advantage of their doppelgangers’ admirers, while others just plain didn’t know what was going on (whether due to intoxication or just plain idiocy). We’re glad that these people were happy for the unexpected opportunity to run into one of their idols at their jobs, on the street or at parties. We just hope they didn’t ask for autographs!

Taylor Swift

Taylor’s so popular that you’d think she’d be easy to spot.

This Forever 21 employee couldn’t tell the difference.

Next time he’d be better do a quick Google search on his phone.


This excited guy thought he met Lorde in Spain.

Lorde would definitely know how to pose with fans.

The young woman’s alcohol consumption might explain a lot.


The man in this photo is clearly not Drake.

Someone on Twitter had to tell these ladies the bad news.

The lookalike must be happy with his appearance!

Hugh Jackman

This guy flipped thinking he ran into Hugh Jackman.

Maybe he hasn’t seen any of the X-Men movies.

The Jackman lookalike had a laug and flashed Wolverine claws.

Matt LeBlanc

This group was thrilled to run into Joey Tribbiani.

Matt LeBlanc hasn’t had that hairstyle since 1994, and his nose is way smaller.

At least they were able to make a new friend that night – just not the famous one.

Will Ferrell

This guy can’t wait for the girl’s reaction when she figures it out.

You can’t blame her it is a pretty close resemblance!

At least he kept Will Ferrell’s spirit and took a funny pic.

Ellen DeGeneres

A whole group of people had no idea that this wasn’t Ellen?

They were too hyped to re-enact Ellen’s Oscar selfie to take a second look.

While there is a resemblance, any fan could tell the difference. Sorry guys!

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is known as an eccentric character.

Depp would never let two young girls feed him a hot dog.

These girls had no idea that this genius was using his looks to meet women.