Confessions Of Airline Pilots


Airline travel can make even the bravest among us feel just a little bit nervous. Sure, we know that there are many safety measures in place, and planes are designed to be able to withstand things like lightning, but being tens of thousands of feet in the air is still unnerving at times. But in addition to withstanding lightning, did you know that planes can fly with only one engine? And even with zero functioning engines, pilots can still make safe landing? It sounds amazing, but it’s true! Just in case you thought a bumpy landing was a sign of a poorly trained pilot, we’ll explain how this is a common and effective way to prevent the dangerous condition known as hydroplaning. While you might roll your eyes at the various rules that the TSA has put in place, pilots have to adhere to even stricter rules than you do, and they even control what they eat during a flight. You may imagine that the pilots can just put the plane on autopilot and coast to the destination, but that’s not actually the case. The systems still need to be carefully monitored, and something like turbulence can actually be enough to disable the autopilot system entirely. There are also unseen dangers that airline pilots must contend with, such as cosmic radiation. Due to the nature of their jobs, they’re actually classified as radiation workers, and are exposed to more radiation than even X-ray technicians!