Complete Guide To Makeup Brushes


Makeup brushes come in all different shapes and sizes. And apparently, those shapes and sizes actually mean something. Each brush was created for a specific purpose and must be used accordingly. Using the wrong brush to apply product can lead to streaky and blotchy makeup and no one wants that! New to the makeup game? Don’t worry, we will tell you what each brush is for in A Complete Guide to Makeup Brushes.

Take the foundation brush, for instance, it is obviously for liquid foundation. You will know this brush from others because of its rounded shape. People often confuse this brush for a blush brush so don’t be fooled.

The fan brush can be used for a number of different things. Most often people use it to apply highlighter to their cheekbones. Though that is the most common use, the fan brush can also be used to remove excess powder, put on blush, and for several other things.

The angled eyeliner brush is another multi-functional tool. Most people think that they can only use it for eyeliner. While it is super helpful with eyeliner, the tool can be used pretty much anywhere that you need a straight line. You can use it to line your lips or even perfect a contour. The choice is yours.

Whether it’s a concealer brush, duo fiber brush, oval brush, or smudger brush, each tool was designed for a specific purpose. Stay tuned to the end of A Complete Guide to Makeup Brushes to find out which brush you can use on your whole face!