Close Encounters With The Biggest Creatures On Earth


Getting close to large animals is something we’ve all probably done once or twice. Whether you’ve taken a trip to your local zoo, or gone on safari for a summer vacation, you’ve probably spent some time in close proximity with the big five. However, part of the fun of these trips is the knowledge that, as close as we get to the animals, there’s usually some kind of protection between us and them.

But this isn’t always the case: in our video we’ll be showing you some people who have gotten far closer to their favorite animals than they would have liked. Whether this is through some adventurous exploring, ambitious diving or just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, all of these people are happy to be alive. For starters, we have Steve Dee, who likes to get as close to hammerhead sharks as he possibly can… for fun. He calls them ‘cute water puppies’, which wouldn’t necessarily be our first thought if one came swimming up to us in the ocean.

We’ve also featured the African elephant, and what nearly happened when one over friendly beast got a bit too close to a tourist car on safari, as well as an amazingly clever 10 year old girl, who freed herself from an alligator attack, which could have been the end of her. Aside from this, we’ve featured a few more of the largest sea creatures, ranging from the blue whale, the giant squid and the great white shark.