Close Call! Aircraft Landings That Went All Wrong


Even in the best of circumstances, landing a packed aircraft certainly isn’t the easiest of jobs. Yet that toughest of jobs gets even tougher when the aircraft in question is faced with some serious issues that make landing an extremely dangerous situation.

Whether the aircraft found itself a victim of freak weather or even a complete electrical malfunction, there’s no doubting that up in the air is the last place you want to be when things start to go wrong.

While some aircrafts may find themselves in that sticky landing situation due to human error, there are just as many incredibly inspiring stories from heroic pilots who saved hundreds of lives thanks to their quick thinking in the air.

Here’s a collection of some of the craziest, scariest and most dangerous aircraft landings to ever be caught on camera, all of which miraculously ended with everyone on board returning to the ground safe and sound.

Jet Blue 292

Arriving at LAX airport, Jet Blue Flight 292 underwent a pretty scary failure. The nose gear was stuck extended, making landing the plane incredibly dangerous. The pilot burned off fuel circling LAX to reduce landing weight on the nose.

US Airways 1549

In one of history’s most famous landings gone wrong, Chesley Sullenberger became a hero as he safely landed an Airbus A320 in the Hudson River. Sullenberger saved many lives with quick thinking after a major power outage.

Iran Air 742

Iran Air Flight 742 had a pretty scary situation when the pilots attempted to land with no nose gear. Multiple attempts were made, and the aircraft eventually touched down in an emergency landing.

Lufthansa LH44

In a heart stopping moment, flight LH44 skidded around the runway in strong winds. The flight only touched down for a few seconds, but took off again for a safer second try.

Seasprite Helicopter

No surprise, landing on an aircraft carrier is no easier than landing on solid ground. This Seasprite Helicopter demonstrates the difficulty while ‘touching down’ in the high sea.